All I Want Is To Be Happy

My feelings, mind and body have changed. I had a personal growth and even I am different than a year ago I am a happier person and this is the way I see life now:

I fell in love for a few weeks. But it was love and it was real. So special and strong. Love is ephemeral sometimes but it’s great. Nothing lasts forever.

I had my first kiss with someone I liked. Such a good memory and an unique Europe souvenir.

I discovered how much I like to kiss and be kissed.

I confirmed how happy makes me travel to a new city. And I want to keep doing it.

I understood how important is to take risks. If you want to know more about yourself you have to try different things and always be honest with your feelings and desires. If you want to do it, just do it. Don’t overthink everything. You’ll have the chance, take it.

I learned to not be afraid of show what I am, what I like or what I do.

I defined my dream job.

I had my first time with someone who is not even my boyfriend nor a good friend, just someone I know. But I had a great time and learned to accept things the way they are. Some people will be around to stay just for a while. They have something to do in your life.

I discovered how much I like to take pictures and want to learn how to do it better. Even if some people say that I publish to many pictures, it doesn’t matter I really like to do it. For me is so important to capture what I find special around me.

I found that I really love to paint and I am good at it.

I realized how important is to enjoy life each minute or second of it wherever you are and whoever you are with at that moment. It was meant to be.

I understood how friendship works because you don’t need to be each second of your life with that person just enjoy and appreciate what they offer. But most important, to be thankful because they want and chose to share a moment of their life with you.

I closed certain cycles and finished chapters of my life letting people go and stop wasting my time with past memories.

I made new friends who lives around the world. Also friends who lives very near and who I’m glad to have met.

I learned to respect what other people think about love and life. Specially my parents.

I found how important is to have enough trust and open mind to talk with your parents about everything even if they aren’t together and appreciate how many things, thoughts, ideas and anecdotes they want to share with you.

I set my foot on the ground and understood how important is to have a stable job if it allows you to acchieve a future goal.

I learned to be patient.

I learned to feel and enjoy music in a very different way. Now I allow myself to cry or laugh or scream or sing or just smile with songs which remind me something special (a special someone, a friend, a place, a talk, a moment).

I tried new things for the first time and it is awesome to collect new experiences.

I found out how important is to speak different languages. Use them well and often because you don’t know how many incredible people can you meet.

I learned to reject projects or proposals when I don’t want to be part of it. It’s hard to say no and don’t help someone who is special for you but you have to follow your heart, goals and interests.

I got confused with my academic goals. I wanted to go back to school and I will but now I am having the chance of develop a project, something special and interesting for me. I will learn so much. So that means school and the abroad experience I’m looking for has to wait.

I discovered that the Universe has a plan for each of us and it will give you or send what you should have at the moment. The ideal situation, people, place, words and feelings.

I learned that you shouldn’t force anything. If it has to be, it will happen.

I started to respect my feelings and be honest about what I feel everytime about everything.

I accepted myself and my beauty in every single way.

I learned that people want to be listened, people has a lot of thoughts and stories to share and if you give them the chance they will tell you very special things. Sometimes very personal and deep things.

I valued my capabilities and skills but also accepted what I am not able to do.

I took what life brings me. People, job, projects, gifts, health, moments, ideas… Everything.

I am happy now and I think I grew this year because even some moments were so hard to accept or understand it was part of the process to accept life or at least the life I am living. I feel full, in love with life, excited for what is coming even if I don’t know what it is. I am open to receive everything with the best attitude.

And what I would like to have for the next year? Happiness, freedom and energy. Everything else will appear: people, opportunities, places, projects, money, love, jobs, trips, etcetera. I want to be able to enjoy each moment of my life. At the end I am sure that all I want is to be happy.



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